Sunday, 19 March 2017

New working paradigm

So, two posts ago we started a brief discussion about how work is faced nowadays, introducing also, the fact that the working reality is (looking like) changing. 

People have been spending lots of time thinking on what is happening and I am not different. So I also brainstorm a bit about what is really happening everywhere... With so much crazy stuff happening around the world lately. 

So, the exercise is simple: Let's look around us and think on what are we seeing everywhere.

Unemployment is in fact a big problem today as the society and capitalism is quite built on work. With it comes big migrating movements, further social inequality, is deeply connected with criminality, and etc etc... 

Lots of the recent world changes, and specially the growing trends of radicalism are also connected to it. People are not happy in general and blame what they shouldn't blame, they are longing for change. Opportunists appear, as in EUA or UK appear and tell people exactly what they want to hear. In the end, you can't blame people for, in desperation or unhappiness, voting for change. 

I read recently about the election in the EUA and how the middle regions EUA contributed strongly for the election of the current president. It stated that in average a middle class worker in the primary sector in these regions earned today the same as 40 years ago. Being this fact a reality, it is normal that these people are moving for change instead of keeping the same system. 

In the UK things present the same trend. The big argument behind the Brexit was deeply connected to protectionism and work issues. 

Okay, it's happening and its here among us. Everyone is worried about work issues, the change in lifestyle and not being able to have a "home". Everyone is voting for a change, and waiting for the measures to come with people that bring new ideas, that are going to "protect" the countries and etc...

Well, in fact its not going to happen. Everyone is searching for the answers in the past, and they are not there. People still move around where the few working opportunities are but let's see: 

I always find funny when now and then Portugal presents the unemployment statistics and they are always decreasing (lately). So, let's see, world population is steadily increasing, work are decreasing due to automated work, so how can the unemployment be decreasing? Well, maybe if the population decreases... because decrease of  automated work is not happening for sure... 

It is proved that a huge share of the current work can be replaced by automats. It is proved that even the highly "thinking" jobs will be replaced in the future by machines. So, how will we be able to keep everyone occupied and earning money in the future? It is much more interesting for a business to have a machine that almost needs no attention than a person that is very demanding... 

Work is changing to the point that now, the problem is work itself. We are wasting the last moments debating redundant stuff by electing all these weirdos to conduct countries, but just to realize that they do not have the answer too....

I believe that the problem is much more on the society roots than everyone is realizing. We can be here worried and criticizing everyone and how the life turned so harsh...

In the past people lived to work, they still do. But now, we need to adapt the coming generations for the change in the work paradigm and teach these people to live in other ways. How should we do this, that is a big question. 
But for now, I believe we need to face work as the new social problem not in the sense that we need to find new works but in that they won't come again. Its a message that needs to be spread I think! 

A big text just to talk a bout a drop in the ocean of the problems we face today :)

Sorry this is not really connected to wind energy, but its a message that needs to be spread as i told. Next post, very soon, we will be talking about wind and one issue I have been working on. 


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