Sunday, 15 October 2017

ICSI 2017 Conference and small update

Hi all,

Here we are again ! After some time as always...
I have been crazy busy lately...I didn't even have much time to breath!

A new post. Just a small update. Last week we were threatened that the person(s) with less posts in TRUSS blogs will need to perform some irish dancing here in here I am posting. Not that I wouldn'te dance...but I want to save the world that terrible image...

Last month of September I was in a conference in Madeira, Funchal (by the way, very beautiful island...heheh) about structural fatigue and its analysis. For me, that I am working mainly in the way probabilistic problems are applied to physical problems but with a strong focus on the statistical part, this was very interesting. It helped me to improve my perception on how the other researchers look at the physical problem of fatigue. And more important is that I could talk with some of the big experts on fatigue and understand a bit more the topic, that is not an easy one...
Conference on your specific topic are the best but from my experience you should consider sometimes a conference on different topics in order to make your knowledge more robust.

I had the opportunity to do a presentation of a paper with a pre-assessment of the design of experiments of a OWT tower. As I don't know much about fatigue (well... not much about statistics too hahah) I felt a bit lost sometimes. But in the middle of the difficulty you can always extract positive points. And the funny part is that, this was probably the conference where I got more interest in my work. It is a bit funny... as I am strongly focused on the statistical analysis and the conference was not really directed at it (despite having lots of people working on the probabilistic part of the fatigue).

It is in fact a bit surprising that in a non-specific conference people show the most interest. I will assume that it is because I have more mature ideas now. But in some way it is an indicator of how, in research, everyone is so "interiorized" in their own topics that some interaction is lost... you know what I mean...

In work, I will be moving very soon to work on new stuff and new experiences ...but I'll come back soon with this and I'll talk a bit about thinking globally, which I believe I talked about before. But it is never to much.

See you soon,

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